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By tropicalkey31495756, Sep 30 2015 09:13PM

Most Condominiums have what we call Glass Aluminum storefront doors, These doors are very high in traffic usage by the occupants. Just like everything else with moving parts, the hardware can break or become defective and in some cases even vandalized. Here at Affordable Locksmith & Son LLC we specialize in this type of lock - closer - or door hinge repair.

We can take down the door to replace the overhead concealed closer or replace the deadbolt.

We can even add an electric strike remote door opener if requested?

By tropicalkey31495756, Sep 28 2015 08:20PM

Aloha Richard Jr.

I am truly impressed with your professionalism and your timelines on this. I spend half of my time chasing and begging our contractors to get me estimates, certs of insurance, waiting on callbacks... you and your company did it in a day.

I have been on the island for 2 years now and this is the first time I can truly say anyone outperformed my expectations in every way.

Thanks very much. I will get final approvals for the work in the morning and contact you to move forward.

As a side note- I was also quite impressed with your insurance. Very few contractors cary a safe amount. We require a $1M aggregate and you doubled that, and also you have $1M on vehicles. That vehicle coverage is huge and very responsible. since I have been self employed my whole life Ive fought with insurance way more than I care to think about... a cost savings I learned when I had a lot of company vehicles on the road was to split my vehicle insurance in half. I would do a $100,000/300,000 policy on the vehicles, then I would add a $1M rider on top of that. You end up with more coverage at about half the cost usually. Might be worth a peek.

Have a great day,

Paul Kaiser

Director of Building Services

By tropicalkey31495756, Sep 25 2015 08:03PM

Commercial Glass Aluminum Storefront door Locks/Pivots/Closers can be troublesome when not working or closing properly at correct speeds to insure people walking thru the doors do not get slammed in the back from the door if the closer is broken or not adjusted correctly.

Justin is our commercial door specialist who provides expertise and precision workmanship repairing, replacing or upgrading.

By tropicalkey31495756, Sep 25 2015 06:12PM

Most vending machines have what customers call "Circle Lock" , "Round Lock" etc. The correct terminology is "TUBULAR Lock with Tubular keys made by a company called ACE.

These locks can be tricky to open with out a key .

Richard Jr. Affordable Locksmith & Son LLC has mastered the craft of opening these locks with a tubular pick. We can out right change out the locks for a fair price.

Call us at 808 943 1425


By tropicalkey31495756, Sep 25 2015 02:54AM

Now a days with technology advancing rapidly, more and more customers desire the conveinance of remote opening without fumbling around for keys.

Let's face reality the local people of Hawaii are very trendy and tech savy or tech driven!

Affordable Locksmith & Son LLC installs electronic exit devices with push button with remote control capabilities. These locks are installed on various retail stores , schools, hospitals, corporate offices and residential homes.

Richard Jr is below wearing safety glasses during an installation of a H.E.S. electric strike of a corporate office.

Richard Sr. is below installing a digital combo lever lock at a residential home.

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