Director Of Building Services Thank you letter
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Director Of Building Services Thank you letter

By tropicalkey31495756, Sep 28 2015 08:20PM

Aloha Richard Jr.

I am truly impressed with your professionalism and your timelines on this. I spend half of my time chasing and begging our contractors to get me estimates, certs of insurance, waiting on callbacks... you and your company did it in a day.

I have been on the island for 2 years now and this is the first time I can truly say anyone outperformed my expectations in every way.

Thanks very much. I will get final approvals for the work in the morning and contact you to move forward.

As a side note- I was also quite impressed with your insurance. Very few contractors cary a safe amount. We require a $1M aggregate and you doubled that, and also you have $1M on vehicles. That vehicle coverage is huge and very responsible. since I have been self employed my whole life Ive fought with insurance way more than I care to think about... a cost savings I learned when I had a lot of company vehicles on the road was to split my vehicle insurance in half. I would do a $100,000/300,000 policy on the vehicles, then I would add a $1M rider on top of that. You end up with more coverage at about half the cost usually. Might be worth a peek.

Have a great day,

Paul Kaiser

Director of Building Services

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