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By tropicalkey31495756, Jul 7 2015 08:39PM

I' love everything old school but I'm certain most people who read this blog won't know or remember a show called "MY 3 SONS" from the 60's.?

Well I have the new & improved show here on Oahu now re-named My 3 Apprentices, and in a lot of different ways you have to nurture any new apprentice like a pre -teenage son or daughter.

Our locksmith industry is not for the weak at heart - My meaning is" It's not a 9-5 job" and it's not a trade that young children ASPIRE to become. It's more of a secretive Family hand me down trade.

It is also a grueling & painstaking selection process, because to my amazement, although people do not aspire to become a locksmith, when the public reads about an opportunity to be trained? Let The onslaught begin. I interviewed at least 50 applicants and I choose these 3 gentleman because of their core values of high integrity , their captive smile and humble personalities. Locksmith's must have the desire to assist distraught normal people (customers) who may have lost keys or locked them in a car at the most desolate spot or at a family or private outing. Maybe we have to assist HPD with opening the door for a deceased person. Maybe it's rekeying a house or apt. for a lady or gentleman who just broke up a relationship.

Never the less these 3 Apprentices came with these traits already instilled.

One of the first things I like to stress before training is that .... We as the locksmith's on call have a Value of trust the public gives us. So in turn we always have to look a t issues -sideways-from above and realize it's not always about the money. The importance of giving our customers peace of mind knowing that whenever any of these fine young gentleman Apprentices leave their property after performing a professional job. They can sleep tight!

Our Apprentices will become full fledged Bonded & Certified Locksmith's as a member of the National Associated Locksmith's Of America- Society of professional Locksmith's after 2 years of internship.

From Left to right........

Ryan Olden is a local boy from Makiki who is a graduate of Punahou and needs 3 more credits at University of Hawaii for his bachelors degree in Agriculture. Ryan has been with us for 18 months and has really made strides. I give each Apprentice basic locksmith training and explain to them that they must grow their trade skills thru the internet and lots of practice. Ryan can Master key locks, Install industrial grade 1 Heavy duty Mortise locksets, deadbolts for aluminum storefront doors and he just learned how to use an Automotive specialty tool "LISHI" to pick & read keys for BMW, Mini Cooper & many late car models

Shawn Henna (middle) is another "LOCAL" boy from Kaimuki Palolo and will be with us 2 years this November. Shawn is a Modern Artist and his skills are showing his works of art at the downtown Museum of Arts Honolulu which we are proud to announce.

The Locksmith trade skill seem to come pretty natural for him, since the first time we met he was locked out of his Toyota Yaris. He started with basic Locksmithing and is growing his potential skills while working fulltime as a Security Guard.

Brandon Hudson is from Alabama and served our country proudly for 12 years as a helicopter mechanic here on Oahu and was honorably discharged with the Coast Guard. Brandon has excelled in his short time of 1 month on the job field training and has met several challenges with his persistence. He has a unique quality of leadership and is a great role model for the young guns. Brandon's has the mentality of "never give up" since he has tackled many mechanical projects all over the USA. He brings patience and a professional friendly attitude wherever he travels.

My 3 Apprentices are like sons to me now, that I welcome openly to our Ohana. They all have great public service skills and always go the extra yard for all our customers.

We are blessed and proud to have them on our TEAM!

I expect big things from each of since they all are very humble with HIGH HONOR & INTEGRITY!

By tropicalkey31495756, May 28 2015 02:39AM

We do transponders keys for many makes and models at the location.

Tow Yards-Beach-Schools-Shopping Ctr- Malls- Military Bases-etc.

Here is a 2006 Honda Ridgeline Customer at a tow yard with a lost key.

We showed up originated the key and used diagnostic software to program key into ECU. (Engine Control Unit)

We make keys for some

BMW S Type- 5 series- X3-X4 -X5.

Jaguar S type- J type

Some VW- Audi-Porshe


By tropicalkey31495756, May 28 2015 01:57AM

Locksmith trade skills are usually passed down through generations of locksmith's within the family tree.

It's truly not a trade that young people aspire to become, such as Fireman, Policeman, Mailman, Doctor, Lawyer, Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber.

Here at Affordable Locksmith & Son LLC we hire to train caring technicians to professionally handle all type of emergency lock situations and non emergency jobs as well.

Each apprentice is carefully chosen through an interview process that looks for the most desirable candidate who cares about the community as they do themselves.

As well as putting customer satisfication top priority for Affordable Locksmith & Son LLC.

Pictured below is our newest apprentice and member of our team.

Brandon just rekeyed - removed and replaced a knob lock with 4 keys for a home in Kailua.

We also replace lost auto keys for 2000 Jaguar S Type Tibbe laser transponder Key, BMW X3-X5- 5 series, just about every year make model 98+ Toyota-Lexus-Honda-GM-Chrysler-Dodge-

Apprentice Brandon's 1st lock installation job on the field was successfull
Apprentice Brandon's 1st lock installation job on the field was successfull
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